Hand painted flower pot

I found this flower pot, and had decided as soon as I got it that I would paint it. That was over a month ago, and within the last two weeks I finally painted it! I didn’t take photos before I painted, but I tried to take photos throughout the process, at various stages.

For the designs, I reference a book of Southwestern Pottery, using specific motifs and patterns from various mentioned Pueblos. Since I now have an IPad, I’m able to take photos of whatever I’m working on and sketch directly on top of the image. Before I got this setup, I’d take photos on my phone, send them to my computer via text (I didn’t know how to Airdrop until recently…. I’m a grandmother of a millennial), then open them in photoshop, and have to do all of that laborious stuff. Now it takes less than 5 minutes and I can just keep the image open and reference all of my notes with such ease.