No.1 An easy guide to infographics: i googled catchy blog post titles

An infographic is literally info + graphic. I’ve thought about starting a blog for ages, but, like I do with my work, I doubt and intimidate myself and avoid new things. At this point, I’ve overthought the idea of blogging so much that I annoy myself, that I’m now just saying fuck it. I’m going to make a damned blog about my artwork and include opinions, over-explanations, and way more info than most people give any fucks about. All of the nonessential information that I will inevitably rant, alongside progress images of my work, will assemble a large and completely superfluous infographic, this blog.

I’ve definitely had to google too many things like “catchy blog post titles” and how to make a smartass connection to a clever title, that I can honestly say I know i will continue to give too many fucks about curating what I put out into the open interwebs. I keep having to remind myself of the fact that publishing my internal monologues and images of works in progress will likely rarely been seen, if at all, by anyone else besides myself. I’m making this into a mental health task of consciously avoiding over-thinking and my self judgement, which ends up being me just preventing myself from stupidly unimportant things. Like a blog. My unique brain chemistry has created anxiety and depression (which, by the way, are chemically basically the same thing), and it’s a large part of who I am. As I’m not currently seeing a therapist, writing things out like this post, is a solace for me.

If this post happens to be the first encounter anyone has with me or my work, this is pretty much the best representation of how my thoughts work, and maybe it will provides an insight into my process as an artist as well as my life as a whole.

So i say cheers to embracing mental issues and exploring artistic process! Let’s see what comes of “blogging”.